About Cuncu Custom Boots

"Quality begins by placing customer satisfaction at the center of our thinking" - John F. Akers.
That is how we see it. Customer satisfaction is also the goal of our efforts.

The man behind it

Cuncu Custom Boots was born from the idea of producing custom-made, high quality inline and ice-skating boots, which meet the individual needs and demands of our customers. Own experience from 20 years of competitive sport as well as working with numerous professional athletes has contributed significantly to the emergence of today's product.

- Elio -

Elio Cuncu

Founder and CEO

Elio has been part of several world teams participating in marathons all over the world for POWERSLIDE and EOSKATES.

Elio's greatest successes

  • Junior-Worldchampion 300m Road
  • European championships: 3 x Gold, 2 x Silver, 3 x Bronze
  • 45 between gold, silver and bronze-medals at the Italian championships
  • 3. Place at Berlin Marathon 2008

What the people says

An important measure of the quality of our work is the opinion and satisfaction of our customers.

-André Unterdörfel / National ice-speedskating Trainer

As an athlete, Elio has always had the highest demands on his skates. So I had to listen very often criticism on skates, always with the remark that he would make it better.
At some point I said to Elio: Do it, build shoes, go and build the best shoes!
I got the second pair and in fact, they were so good that I skate on it ever since (2010). Since then I've have of him two more pair of skates (1x line, 1x Coach Special) and all three are perfectly adapted to the individual needs.
They fit perfectly and look also very unique.

Thank you dude for all your support !!!

-Robert Lehmann / Ice Speed Skater
Member of the Olympic Team (Sochi 2014)

I got one of the first Cuncu Ice-shoes and could help in the development of the shoes. Already my second shoe was perfect and made it the second year up to the Olympic Games in Sochi.

I am passionate about the work and craftsmanship of my friend Elio Cuncu. In the meantime, I skate on the street a Cuncu shoe and have a lot of fun and success with it.

Thank you Cuncu Custom Boots!

- Gerald Schneider / Cycling amateur

As a passionate cycling amateur in the 'age', I am very often on tour in the mountains.
My new Cuncu Custom Boots - bike shoes make to me the difference of standard shoes extremely clear. Due to the bespoke by footprint I have an absolute fit without pressure points and the stiff carbon shell ensures a great direct power transmission with low weight. Furthermore the individual color scheme makes my cycling shoes distinctive.

Thank you Elio for the great shoes

-Dirk Hupe / Speed Skater
1.Place World Championships Masters (2013)

Meanwhile I have my second pair of Cuncu Custom Boots. On the shoes excites me the very high quality and the production of carbon shell and upper shoe tailored to my individual needs.

The shoe is very lightweight, but also very stiff and for me the best connection between the foot and the road. For me, a race-shoe without any compromises.


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